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Short Film

The Man Who Couldn't Sleep

14mins / 2023 / Czech Republic / Czech / Director, screenwriter



A young literature professor, Petr, suffers insomnia after breaking up with two women in a row. One night, both women come back to him like dream, like reality. 

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Festival Selection 展紀錄

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Director's statement
Reading a short novel by Karel Capek reminds me of the experience of being in a quarantine hotel in Taiwan without any sunlight coming in. At that time, I was at the end of a relationship that summer and experiencing serious insomnia nights over nights. This inspired me to create this film. I hope the long winter will be gone and the warm spring will come soon.


《無法入睡的男人》改編自捷克作家Karel Capek的短篇故事。這個短篇故事讓我想起2021年夏天,回到臺灣隔離的經驗,在日不見光的隔離旅店,飽受失戀之苦的我失眠了一晚又一晚。於是,我寫下了這個故事。希望漫長的冬日即將離去,而溫暖的春天也將會到來。


Please feel free to ask for access.

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