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Short Film

踮腳尖 Tiptoe

17mins / 2019 / TAIWAN / Mandarin / Director, screenwriter, co-editor

劇照1_Tang-Ning Chiang_by Meng-Ting


It had been a week since mother left. The ten-year-old girl Jiajia desperately kept this fact secret while trying to maintain the usual daily routine with her little brother.

劇照3_En-Tzu Hsieh_by Meng-Ting Lee.jpg

Competition and Selection

2019 69th Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival, Generation Kplus Competition

2019 KFF International Short Film Competition, Taiwan Competition; Jury Prize

2019 21st Taipei Film Festival selection in "Forward Taiwan, Taiwan Shorts”

2019 20th Asiatica Film Festival selection in “Flowers of Taiwan” 

2019 UCLA Film & Television Archive, 2nd Taiwan Biennial Film Festival selection

2019 22nd Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People; the Short Live Action Fiction Film competition

2019 26th Women Make Waves International Film Festival, Taiwan; Taiwan Competition

2019 5th Hsin-Chu City Children’s Film Festival selection

2020 42nd Golden Harvest Award & Short Film Festival; Best Narrative Nomination
2020 25th Aichi International Women's Film Festival; Competition

2020 14th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival selection

2019 第69屆柏林影展新世代兒童短片競賽單元
2019 高雄電影節國際短片競賽台灣競賽組 評審團大獎

2019 第21屆台北電影節「明日台灣——台灣短SHOW」觀摩單元
2019 第20屆義大利亞洲影展台灣專題「台灣之花」觀摩單元
2019 美國洛杉磯加州大學電影電視資料館 第2屆台灣電影雙年展 觀摩單元

2019 第22屆希臘奧林匹亞國際兒童青少年影展 實景短片競賽入圍

2019 第26屆台灣國際女性影展台灣競賽獎入圍
2019 第5屆新竹市兒童影展「在台灣長大——新生代導演短片輯」觀摩單元

2020 第42屆金穗獎 一般作品最佳劇情片獎入圍

2020 第25屆愛知國際女性影展 競賽單元入圍

2020 第14屆鮮浪潮國際短片節 觀摩單元

劇照2_Tang-Ning Chiang, En-Tzu Hsieh_by Me

Director's statement
Tiptoe is a story based on my childhood memories. I have worked as a private tutor for children since university and realized that no matter what social background the children are in, they all have something want to express that is not easy for adults to notice. Therefore, I was determined that if I have a chance to work on my first film, I will make my memories into a short film as a means of safekeeping and organization the memories of yesteryear, before I get too far away from childhood. Even though everyone faces the separations in life alone, but because of this film, I am grateful for all the strangers to accompany the little girl of yesteryear on her journey.




Please feel free to ask for access.

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